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What is Bright and Shiny and ... Useful?

Business is to a large degree a question of resource allocation: Getting the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak. We have a problem with that in the Internet biz.

So much of the space is filled with "gee whiz" kind of stuff, that everybody thinks you need "gee whiz" stuff to be a success. Not true. And in many cases, dead wrong ... especially if achieving the "gee whiz" thing means taking away resources from something basic.

"There's so much we can do technically," said an Internet colleague pointed out to me recently. "But it can become a distraction from doing the right things. You can only do so much."

See? In the Internet space, a lot of the cool stuff can easily become a bright and shiny waste of effort.

I like to think we have some "gee whiz" stuff here at; our for example. And, like everyone else it seems, we're trotting out various widgets and podcasts. But I tend to think doing the basic stuff, like , is a little more important.

That, of course, doesn't necessarily mean I'm right. So during this rather slow news week, (if you take away oil gyrations), I'd like to invite you folks to let me know about any "gee whiz" stuff out there that appeals to you. I'm not saying we'd do it, but I'd like to hear about it.

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