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Best Buy's Geeks Fight Off "Sex...And The City"

Best Buy's Geek Squad
Best Buy

If you are dreading being dragged to "Sex And The City" this weekend, if you don't know the difference between Jimmy Choo's and Jimmy Dean, help is on the way!

In a clever pr stunt to exploit the tidal wave of buzz attached to the Time Warnerfilm, Best Buy's Geek Squad is telling guys who would rather order carry-out than get "Carrie'd" away how to stay out of the theater. "Geek Squad has your back," say pamphlets which Geek Squadders will be handing in New York's Times Square tonight.

The pamphlets school men on the characters in the film. "Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) is the oldest, most sexual and confident of the foursome." As if anyone in the Geek Squad would know what to do with Samantha if they showed up at her apartment to help install a modem.

So how to get out of the ultimate chick flick? One suggestion: excuse yourself from the theater to go to the bathroom, then go play arcade games. "After all, if you bring back a stuffed animal, no one will remember that your 'bathroom break' took 45 minutes."

On LifeLock's ability to protect identities, Jason J. writes:
"The reality is that with a simple caller ID spoof program and the last four of his social I could make his life very difficult. Most systems are automated - especially cell phone and credit card companies relying on caller id to help id the person calling in...Sure I cannot make changes pertaining to a shipping address but the rest can easily be done, then all I am left with is a person who I can sweet talk over the phone Kevin Mitnick style. This is the problem with all security programs. LifeLock could be solid but they still have to rely on the security of other companies and there is no 'standard' for security or access to information."

Jeremy Duffy has a "LifeLock-sucks" website and writes that he's issued an open challenge to CEO Todd Davis.

On the business of medical marijuana, Gersh A. writes:
"Scientific studies indicate that marijuana can halt the spread of numerous cancer cells, including the type that Kennedy suffers from...let us have the cure we already have now...Just get the feds out of the way. Please."

Belgian reader Jan N. writes about her views regarding legal pot in the Netherlands:
"It is absolute BS. If there is a useful active substance in a plant, animal, fungus the normal pharmaceutical procedure is to isolate the substance and to find a good way to produce it and to administer it in a controlled way to the patient. So drying a plant and smoking it is bogus medicine. And a good way to make money and maybe that was what you were hinting at...Medical marijuana is absolute crap."

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