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Overlooked Stocks: Dull & Profitable!

Andrew Fisher

"Most of the mundane things in this world make money," Neil Hennessy told CNBC.  That being the case, he's enthusiastic about stocks an investor might easily overlook.

His five-star Hennessy Focus 30 Fund is up 13 percent year-to-date, and up an average of 17.89 percent per year over the last three years.


His first pick is Tupperware.

"If you really feel that the food and commodity prices are going to affect you, you could look at a company like Tupperware," he said.  "Tupperware, as everybody knows, is in the plastic container business...but if you think about it, people are going to start using leftovers...rather than re-buying on a daily basis."

Hennessy says the stock is priced very attractively, despite the company's strong performance this year.

He also likes Owens-Illinois.

"Owens-Illinois is in the plastic and glass business," he said.  "Who's going to talk about that at a cocktail party?  But in reality, they make's just a nice little company that gets overlooked."

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