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Readers' Bud Backlash: Back off, Europe


Morning Thoughts readers had plenty to say about the possibility that Belgium-based InBev could take over Anheuser-Busch and in turn a product many consider one of the symbols of America.

Budweiser in the hands of Belgians didn't go over too well with many of you, but some felt that the beer would benefit from a more global influence.

Red-Blooded Americans Will Boycott

I think you may have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Anheuser-Busch is as American as the stars and stripes, apple pie and baseball. I have been drinking A-B products since the early 60s.  I wouldn't even think of buying another beer. If A-B is sold or taken over, I, along with many other red-blooded Americans will switch to an American product.  Is the almighty dollar, or in this case euro, worth selling out the red white and blue?

Mike Ramsey

Good Economics for a Bad Beer

It comes as no surprise to this American that the same people who complain loudly about "foreigners" buying up America seem to exhibit an astounding lack of economic common sense that is only exceeded by their incredibly poor judgment as to what constitutes a good beer! If only the location of a corporate headquarters could determine what makes a quality beer, then InBev's purchasing of Anheuser Busch could be a blessing indeed!

Al Lindner
Brush Prairie, Wash.

Anheuser Should Be Buying, Not Selling

Globalization is a fact but there needs to be a paternalistic view taken with the InBev intention to pursue Anheuser-Busch. As the last great American brewer not to succumb to European purchase an American icon (Miller sold out years ago to SAB, and Coors sold out to Molson a couple years ago), I would encourage all Americans to cease consumption of A-B products and attending their theme parks if this merger were to go through. The management at A-B does not want it, the employees do not want it and neither do the residents of the towns where A-B brews their products or runs their theme parks (which I am sure InBev would sell to lower their debt acquired to make this purchase).

As a stopper, I would encourage A-B to pursue the stock in Modelo they do not own and also to pursue Boston Brewing. This additional value would thwart any attempt to purchase the company for many years to come. A-B is in the middle of a great turnaround with new great new products. They have worked hard to trim the fat and should continue to do so. But it is time to put a stop to the foreign-accented commercials in this country (have you noticed how many commercials have British accented speakers?) and not torpedo a true American icon. We do not need the Clydesdales to be replaced by Belgium draft horses. The company makes Americans proud. Let's leave it that way.

Bob J Dull, Ph.D.
Akron, Ohio

Americans Want Quality

Toyota took over the U.S. car market because of better quality, so it's about time a beer company gets taken over to improve that quality. Have you ever tasted a Bud Light? Now we need to get a European airline to take over a U.S. carrier and we would have some real improvement.

Peter Strickler

If It Beat Volstead, It Should Beat Europe

What's made in the USA ... should stay in the USA! How can Anheuser-Busch sell what Augustus' hard work built? It survived prohibition to give in to a foreigner?

Chris S.

No 'Goo' in St. Lou

If this deal transpires, I personally will NEVER purchase another A-B/In product --EVER. Enough is enough on the outsourcing of American companies and American goods. "This Bud's for You" will be: "This Bud's turned Goo!"

Jennifer Carter
St. Louis, Mo.

A Slow Death of History

If InBev takes over Anheuser, it will be initiating a slow death to the Anheuser brands. No American in good faith will continue to purchase A-B brands once the company has been uprooted and slashed by InBev. A few people will make a quick buck at the cost of a historical brewing family business.

Paul Metzger

Not for Sale

As any American, I really do not like how Bud is being linked to a European company.  Bud is after all as American as baseball and apple pie. The US might as well put up a huge "for sale" sign.

Paul Gunton
Dayton, Ohio

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