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Stay Away In May?  Nay!

Andrew Fisher

Conventional Wall Street wisdom says, "Sell in May, and go away."  Manny Weintraub says that's not wise this year.

"That adage applies when there's a lot of optimism in the market," the president of Integre Advisors told CNBC.  "This year, all we've had is less pessimism."

He says there are many more bargains to be snapped up this year than there were a year ago.


For instance, there's Jack In the Box.

"Jack In the Box is trading at 12 times earnings," he said.  "Huge free cash flow, share buyback going on; they are moving into the high taking share from quick-service restaurants."

Weintraub also likes Federated Investors.

"(It) specializes in money-market funds, which is a huge-scale business," he said.  "It's trading at...the lowest multiple it's traded at in five years."

Surprisingly, perhaps, he also finds rental-car company Avis Budget attractive.

"Less people are flying, which is often a concern for the rental-car companies, but many more people are actually driving rather than flying, and you're seeing the pricing holding up very well," he said.  "Also, that company is being misunderstood as a financial name, because they own a lot of rental cars, but it's really a service company."

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Weintraub and his family own shares of Jack In the Box, Federated Investors, and Avis Budget.