Two-Way Street

A Lesson in Executive Evasion

If you want a real live example of CEO obfuscation, check out this video.

It's the North American president of Cadbury , Brad Irwin, on "Squawk Box" this morning. You'd think he'd have some interesting things to say about commodity prices (particularly skyrocketing cocoa), industry consolidation (given Wrigley's pending merger), and sugar pricing (subsidy issues).

Gum Wars

He didn't. In fact, his ducking of questions became fairly comical. In all fairness, he was a last minute guest and TV can be a little intimidating. Some of the subjects touch on legal issues. And some executives feel the downside of saying something inadvertently dumb is worse than appearing uninformative or even evasive.

Still, if I was an investor or a potential investor in the company, I'd have very little reason to feel good about the company weathering the current economic storms facing the economy. (Okay, the calcium gum thing was kinda cool).

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