Friday Stock Picks: Tech, Industrials & More

Brooke Sopelsa,|Video Producer

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the market experts where investors should be placing their bets ahead of the weekend.

Inflation Play & Tech on Tap

Betting on Tech, Industrials & More

"The themes that we think investors ought to be looking at right now, relative to the market environment, are the companies that, first of all, have a global presence....Also, those that can bring a means of increasing productivity to companies at a time when demand might be softening."

Jeff Layman, BKD Wealth Advisors

Layman likes: Dell, Tiffany and Accenture.

"If you look at the part of the S&P that is still trading at a big discount, it’s all these areas that we talk about that are ‘inflation plays.’  If we are in a new era, and if commodity prices aren’t going down again, all the valuations for those stocks and in those industries have to now rise towards the market."

Jerry Castellini, CastleArk Management

Castellini likes: Southwestern Energy , Nabors Industries , XTO Energy and Emerson Electric

The Friday Trade

Stock Bargains

“If information comes out about ImClone in regards to dosages on Monday, in our opinion anyway, this is going to be a fairly cheap stock. We think it’s something that should be looked at.”

John O'Donoghue, Cowen & Co.