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Good Time to Buy -- Carefully

Andrew Fisher

Uncertain times call for creative, careful investing, and that's what Jeff Layman of BKD Wealth Advisors advises.

"The themes that we think investors ought to be looking at right now, relative to the market environment are the companies that, first of all, have a global presence...also, those that can bring a means of increasing productivity to companies, at a time when demand might be softening," Layman told CNBC.


He says the earnings report from computer giant Dell, posting profits that beat forecasts, confirms the importance of his themes.

He also likes high-end retailer Tiffany.

"International sales continue to be the source of strength," he said.

Back in the technology area, he likes global consulting firm Accenture, because of its ability to help other firms increase their productivity.

"Accenture operates in many different industries and countries," he added.

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