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Tanker Blog Battles--And Winner Of Fake Jane Contest

It's not enough that Boeing and Northrop Grumman/EADS are fighting a PR war over whether Northrop should get to keep the $35 billion tanker contract. Now comes the war of the blogs, which, frankly, is a lot more entertaining.

We've been telling you about the Boeing fans behind the Today's lead story there is the insider trading investigation of former EADS Co-CEO Noel Forgeard, complete with cartoons.


Now there's Tanker Wankers, a blog put out by Northrop fans, at  It's first comments today are a swipe not at Boeing, but at the other blog! "Hats off to the stooges who finally show their bias for the tanker contract," the blog says. "Stop by and read their and enjoy the fiction machine at work. Be sure to vote and check out how bad they are losing in their own poll."

There is a poll on the Tanker War Blog asking whether the GAO should overturn the current tanker decision favoring Northrop, and, well, the "no's" have been winning for quite some time.

However, I found another poll which takes the whole story to new heights (or depths). "TAnchorman," as in "Tanker-man" is an offshoot of the pro-Boeing site. "He" is holding a contest on what to name the new Northrop/Airbus KC-45 tanker.

My favorite entry, for sheer...gaulle:
The DeGaulle Bladder

Though close behind are:
The French Fly

Still getting bits and pieces ofMr. Potato Head in mailas part of Disneyland's promotion for a new Toy Story ride. We just got his mouth.

One of these days I'll show you a picture of all the packaging I have on my desk as each part of Mr. Potato Head arrives in its own box. Seems like a lot of stuff to send to the landfill.

CONGRATULATIONS TO HEATHER HOLLOWAY FOR WINNING THE BEST FAKE BLOG CONTEST! Her Fake Angelo Mozilo got the most votes.A Fake Jane mug will soon be "in the mail," Heather!

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