Shalini Vadhera - Passport to Beauty

Throughout the world, every country has age-old, time-tested secrets that women use to look and feel beautiful.  In her book Passport to Beauty, celebrity makeup artist and internationally r

ecognized beauty expert Shalini Vadhera takes you on an adventure—to Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia, and beyond—revealing secrets for luxurious hair, glowing skin and more.  

Passport to Beautyfeatures unique yet simple beauty tips and techniques as well as instructions for creating cleansing masks, exfoliating blends, and moisturizers for hair and body.  Learn how women around the world stay beautiful and you can:

Turn back the hands of time with a white clay mask like Australian beauties do

Refresh your complexion with white tea, an ancient Chinese anti-aging secret

Use coconut oil for glossy, shimmering hair as South Asian women have done for centuries

A beauty treatment and makeover with an exotic flair is only as far away as your local grocery store—learn how to unleash the beautifying power of yogurt, lemons, olive oil, honey and other surprising ingredients.  Additionally, Shalini Vadhera will introduce you to the secrets of spices, natural remedies, and spa treatments from around the globe.

And once you’ve got your skin and hair looking wonderful, Shalini dips into her bag of international beauty tricks and reveals a multitude of techniques for selecting and applying makeup and always looking your absolute best.

No matter your latitude on the globe, by using the information in this book you can truly become a global goddess!

Below, Shalini offers five of her favorite little-known beauty secrets.  For more tips from Shalini, go to or look for her book Passport to Beauty at

From Party Gal to Potato Head

In Spain, the nightlife is worth experiencing. Dinners start at 11 p.m. and then it’s off to hit some hip, hot nightclubs. Spaniards sometimes party just a bit too much. When they have the dark circles to show their good time, they take a potatoand thinly slice it. Then they apply the slices on their eyes for ten minutes, allowing the juice to seep into the darkness and fade it away. Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which is used in cosmetics as a skin lightener.

Beauty Can Be the Pits!

Munch on tasty Greek olives, but don’t toss the pit, says the savvy Greek beauty. These glamour goddesses keep the olive stones, grind them up and use them as body scrubs. Ground olive stones effectively cleanse the body, removing flakes and dead cells and providing an immediate glow to the skin.

Tropical Escape Body Polisher

Rice and coconut are staples in the Thai diet, but are also used as secret ingredients in many Thai beauty routines. Rice works as an excellent exfoliator because of its gentle but gritty nature, and coconut nourishes the skin with its rich hydrating properties. Try this recipe at home and for an instant tropical escape and full body glow!

Tropical Body Polish


1/2 cup ground rice