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Two Monster Stock Bargains

Andrew Fisher

Now is the perfect time to be thinking past the bear market, according to David Katz, the chief investment officer of Matrix Asset Advisors.

Katz told CNBC about two stocks he feels are correctly positioned for investors to thrive on.


"It's the exact worst time to be owning the company," he said of Monster Worldwide .  "Cyclically, we're in a recession right now; we're in a jobs recession.  [But] the stock is at a fire-sale price, so you're getting a great Internet business with wonderful global've got to buy this company when it's down."

He's also enthusiastic about Walgreen.

"Walgreen is a best-in-class drugstore chain," he said.  "[It's] not fun to own retailers right now, but you're really going to get paid for it if you have a 12- to 18-month time frame."


Katz, his family, and his firm own shares of Monster Worldwide and Walgreen.