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If IBM Were Priced Like Google...

Sure Google's sales and earnings grew -- are growing -- much faster than IBM's. But aside from the two tech bellwethers having comparable market caps of about $170 billion, that's about where the comparisons end.

I admit this is funky math, but bear with me:

If IBM were given Google's forward P/E of 24x estimates instead of its current 14x, it'd be a $210 stock with a market cap of nearly $290 billion -- that's bigger than No. 2 ranked GE's $279 billion.

And if IBM were trading at Google's forward price-to-sales ratio of 6.8x instead of its current 1.6x, it would be a $525 stock.. worth $725 billion.

That's 70 percent bigger than Exxon!

By certain trailing multiple measures afforded to Google, I can show you how IBM could be a TRILLION dollar stock... but that'd just by silly.

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