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Mad Mail: What's the Play on Annaly?

Jim: Please keep beating your fists on the table regarding the criminal naked short selling and keep fighting to bring back the uptick rule! You are our only hope! If you run for President or any other high-ranking public office, I promise you my vote. --Kas

Cramer says: “I promise you this – I will completely lose on this fight. You know why I’ll lose on this fight? I’ll lose because there are too many people in this administration that are so laissez faire they don’t recognize that they would destroy capitalism as we know it.”


Mad Mail

Dear Jim: If Monday's show was difficult to do, you did not show it. It was fabulous! Another historical and important rant! I say "rant," even though it was pointed and well delivered. Thank you. I am an optimist, but it is rough out here. --Lisa in Maryland

Cramer says: “[I do] a lot of soul searching [about whether the show should focus on stocks or explain the market to the everyday investor]…these shows are actually, I mean, I’m thinking about it. I come to work everyday and just spend every minute trying to figure out what the show’s about. So at least maybe we’re having some luck from Lisa in Maryland.”


Mr. Cramer: What are your thoughts on Annaly Capital Management (NLY)? Should I hold it here for the juicy dividend that they just increased? --John in Kentucky

Cramer says: “I lost a lot of money on Annaly. ..I regret that I invested in it because it had too much leverage. I don’t like stocks that have too much leverage. And I don’t like stocks that are levered to Fannie and Freddie. So I cannot go back to Annaly after the money I lost.”

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