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The Fast Money Misfires - Friday July 25th

Sometimes a stock is hot and other times it just burns. Following are the Fast Money misfire.

Joe Terranova

On June 11th the Liquidator thought he found an energy trade that had some "get up and go." At the time he said, "Stay in the energy space, look at integrated names. Suncor, I think that's the way to play it.”

Unfortunately Terranova's "get up and go" trade never "got up and went." Since his buy recommendation shares pulled back 10%.

Suncor is a core holding for me, reveals Joe on Friday's Fast Money. I still like the stock.

Tim Seymour

On June 9th the Ambassador suggested Boeing was about to take-off. At the time he said, “This trade is not about the airline industry, its about the defense industry. You gotta buy Boeing; they're heavily played around the world.”

Although Boeing's planes might soar, this trade certainly didn't. Since Seymour said to get long the stock dropped 14%.

I think the story will get better, Tim says.

Pete Najarian

On June 9th the Pit Boss expected a natural gas play to heat up. At the time he said, “I like Chesapeake . I know everyone hates it but I'm starting to like it down here.”

But going long nat gas has left his portfolio somewhat deflated. Since Najarian's buy recommendation shares tanked 17%.

The stock is in a downtrend right now, Pete admits, but I think later in the summer it’s got a shot.

Quint Tatro

On June 20th, Tatro gave solar stocks a glowing recommendation. At the time he said, “I like solar stocks across the board. I like Energy Conversion Devices and I like Ascent Solar . I like em' all.”

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow. Since Tatro's long recommendation the stocks dropped 20%.

Fast Fire

It was a terrible call, admits Tatro. But I still think the solar stocks are for real.

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