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5-Star Picks: Small Cap Stocks

Andrew Fisher

Jason Votruba is big on small cap stocks.  His five-star UMB Scout Small Cap Fund is up an average of 11.6 percent per year over the last five years.

"The small caps have been actually doing pretty well in this environment, outperforming, to the surprise of a lot of people, many of the large caps," he told CNBC.  "In a recovery, I think they'll continue to perform well."


His first pick is Microsemi.

The company makes specialized microchip components, like the tiny ones that regulate power inside implantable cardiac devices.

"They've got a pretty stable business behind them," Votruba said.  "You look at about two-thirds of their end markets, they're stable and growing markets."

Microsemi recently raised the high end of its guidance.

He also likes Huron Consulting Group.

"They're benefiting from a lot of the hard times that corporations are having out there right now," he said.  "A lot of their business is consulting to the health and education markets...they just re-structured their eDiscovery business, which is a hot market right now -- the legal profession uses them -- I think they're seeing good demand from that."


Disclosure information for Jason Votruba was not immediately available.