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Najarian's Unusual Solar Trade

They say never stare directly at the sun during a total solar eclipse like the one that awed crowds around the globe on Friday. That is, unless you’re a superstitious investor. Then it’s eyes wide open.

"A solar eclipse can be a harbinger of a big move in the market," reveals Jon Najarian on CNBC’s "Closing Bell" They’ve been known to herald higher prices, staffing shortages, computer problems, and a renewed focus on corporate record keeping.

"Of course you shouldn’t trade based solely on an eclipse, but "I think you ought to keep your eyes pealed for opportunity," Najarian adds.

An example of that would be Wachovia , he says. It's in transition and shares jumped Friday, one day after it announced the planned departure of its chief risk officer, Donald Truslow.

Will other investment opportunities arise due to similar types of transition? As we said earlier, it's best to keep your eyes wide open.

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