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The Good And Bad of Ford

Some hurting, poorly managed companies can turn out to be great stocks. Fast Money's special series "Bad Company, Good Stock" takes a look at Ford .

Trading at its lowest valuation levels in 22 years, Ford's troubles allowed Toyota to pass it in annual sales last year.

The F-150 Pickup was the no. 1 selling vehicle for 17 straight years until the Honda Civic surpassed it in May.

Can Ford turn it around and return to its former dominance?

Tim Seymour had some positive things to argue for in Ford's defense. "You have to make the assumption that these guys are going to become global car companies and they really need to compete in areas where I don’t think they’ll be able to compete forever." said Seymour.

He added, "The costs are going down because if you look at the output of cars out of the United States, roughly 40% are based upon a union cost basis which fortunately has come down markedly over the last year as Ford starts to write down the UAW liabilities."

Bad Company, Good Stock

Guy Adami called CEO Alan Mullally a "genius" and thinks he is a great CEO. He'd love to buy Ford, but cautions that Wall Street continues not to reward the stock, and right now they don't love the name.

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