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Stock Picker: How I Use Fundamentals

Andrew Fisher

Focus on the fundamentals, and you can find yourself some stock-market bargains.  So says Meditron Asset Management founder and chief investment strategist Walter Gerasimowicz.

"We're seeing a great deal of volatility," he told CNBC.  "The economists missed again on the CPI by 100 percent; however, in terms of this market itself, jumping in and out of it is not the way to beat the market; rather, it is better to focus on companies which you expect to outperform through the generation of higher earnings, and, in turn, higher returns, for the long run."


So which stocks fit Gerasimowicz' profile?

He's concentrating on health care, defense and global infrastructure, and his health-care pick is Amedisys.

"This is one of the largest health-care providers in the country," he explained.  "This is one of those non-cyclical, almost recession-proof growth stocks, which will be with us for many years to come."

His defense pick is Lockheed Martin, and his global infrastructure play is Harsco.


Disclosure information for Walter Gerasimowicz was not immediately available.