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Stock Picks: Diapers & Tissues Nothin' to Sneeze At

Andrew Fisher

Consumer staples and energy are on Ralph Shive's stock-shopping list.

His five-star First Source Monogram Fund is up an average of 13.72 percent per year over the last five years.


Kimberly Clark tops his picks.

"In the consumer space, we prefer consumer non-discretionary," he told CNBC.  "You can't live without diapers and Kleenex, and that's what Kimberly Clark does."

He's not worried about a possible rebound in oil prices.

"They can pass the costs along, I believe, because they're non-discretionary items," he said.

His energy play is Williams Companies.

"We're constructive on energy over the long term," he said.  "Williams has come off pretty sharply in this energy correction; we think it's a relatively stable company within that space, and they have pipelines, which is a nice steady business."


Disclosure information for Ralph Shive was not immediately available.