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Update: Trump McMahon-sion? NO Deal!


Donald Trump

UPDATE: Ed McMahon has sold his home to a private party, no terms disclosed. The buyer is NOT Donald Trump, who told The Los Angeles Times last week he was buying McMahon's house to keep the TV veteran from being kicked out due to foreclosure.

McMahon spokesman Howard Bragman tells CNBC that, for unknown reasons, the deal with Trump was trumped by a private buyer who stepped in.

We don't know any details, other that when escrow closes, McMahon will have to move. He had defaulted on a $4.8 million mortgage from Countrywide. Trump told the Times he was planning to buy the house and lease it back to McMahon, saying "it would be an honor."

He said he didn't know the 85-year-old former sidekick to Johnny Carson, but he admired him after watching "The Tonight Show" while studying at Wharton. Perhaps the lease back became an issue? We don't know. We have a call into Trump's office.


Well, Donald Trump has not bought Ed McMahon's home. Yet.

Last week, Trump told the Los Angeles Times he was buying the home of the former "Tonight Show" sidekick as a favor, so that the aging McMahon wouldn't be forced out. McMahon has defaulted on a $4.8 million mortgage from Countrywide, saying he hadn't been able to get work for 18 months because of a painful neck injury. Trump said "it would be an honor" to buy the home and lease it back to the star.

Not so fast.

McMahon spokesman Howard Bragman tells CNBC that the deal is "not done," and he has "no idea when" it might get done. In fact, McMahon's people are are also talking to others about buying the home. "We're exploring all options," Bragman says. "We hope it gets done sooner rather than later."

Meantime, McMahon has been suing Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, claiming doctors there failed to diagnose his broken neck and botched two spinal operations.

City News Service reports McMahon is alleging fraud, battery, elder abuse, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty and negligent misrepresentation. But lawyers for the hospital say talk is cheap, and they are asking a judge to force McMahon's lawyers to turn over more evidence to support his claims.

And -- only in Hollywood -- the hospital's legal team previously defended Lindsay Lohan when she was sued by a bus boy, and rep'd Keanu Reeves when he was sued by a photographer.

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