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Greenspan Book Rewrites Publishing History

The Age of Turbulence - By Alan Greenspan

WOW – Talk about rewriting the book!

In a first -- the folks at Penguin will release tomorrow an electronic version of the epilogue being added to Alan Greenspan’s paperback edition of “THE AGE OF TURBULENCE.” The epilogue updates The Maestro’s view of all the economic changes including the current credit crisis since the original publication of the book in September 2007.

Kindle, Sony Readers and others will be able to download the new 26 pages for $5 just as the paperback editions go on sale in stores.

Penguin is putting together a team to help put out even more of these so-called “eSpecials”.

And mark your calendars now for this very important and timely programming reminder – Greenspan will be on LIVE from Washington tomorrow (Tuesday 9/9) at 4 o’clock with Maria Bartiromo on "Closing Bell."

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