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K-Fine In ’09: Education

Gov. Sarah Palin might be the nation’s official hockey Mom, but it’s our own Karen Finerman who’s ready to take a swing at education.

We’ve obtained an exclusive look at Finerman's first speech on this explosive issue and should she ever declare her candidacy, you might be surprised by her ground-breaking plan.

Once again, we give you K-Fine in ’09.

K-Fine In '09: Education

Obama and McCain promise that their policies will save you from the surging costs of food, fuel - even your mortgage. But just wait until you've got a $20,000 dollar unpaid tuition bill sitting in your mailbox.

The cost of attending college at a private university is up 60% in the last decade, but as Truman once said, "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

With that in mind, I propose a solution that's been suggested before, but no one's had the chutzpah to put into action. Instead of paying for college upfront my new system would promise your university a small percentage of all your future income. Turning your brain into a fast money investment for your alma matter and providing a fairer, more efficient way to fund the education of every American citizen.

Okay, so we're having some fun here, but Finerman is dead serious about this idea and really does think the initiative deserves further investigation. “It was suggested to me by a well-known politician,” Finerman reveals to the traders. “They suggested 1.5%. I like it because everyone comes out of school with no debt."

I'm Karen Finerman, and I approve this message.

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