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Fast Money Commander Planet

Pete Najarian's green trades leave the other guys green with envy!

First published last year - these companies are worth putting on your radar as bets on clean energy.

FPL Group
Juno Beach, FL

FPL Group is the parent of Florida Power and Light, a utility that produces the majority of its electricity from clean and renewable fuels. With 55 wind farms in 16 states, it's counted among the leaders in wind power generation.

Stamford, CT

Hexcel manufactures carbon fibers and other composites used in the making of wind turbines. In October 2008, the company is scheduled to open a new plant in Tianjin, China to meet that nation's growing demand for wind power.

Bentonville, AK

Considering it's the nation's largest user of electricity, Wal-Mart might seem like an unusual green trade. However, Wal-Mart is testing diesel blends in its fleet of trucks, it's designed new milk jugs that are better for the environment and it bundles used plastic wrap and sells it for recycling.

Consumer Cyclical
Atlanta, GA

Interface is the world's largest seller of recycled carpet. Founder and Chairman Ray Anderson was the keynote speaker at GreenWorld, a trade conference on sustainable design.  He and the company are committed to taking old carpets and recycling them to produce new materials.

Basic Materials
Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sasol specializes in coal-gasification, a process that makes coal a cleaner fuel to burn. The company is working in collaboration with China's Shenhua Group to produce motor fuel from coal by 2016.

Chesapeake Energy
Oklahoma City, OK

Chesapeake Energy is a producer of natural gas, the cleanest burning hydrocarbon on the planet. There are already enough known natural gas deposits in North America to power the U.S. for at least the next 120 years.

Consumer Cyclical
Stuttgart, Germany

Known for super luxury cars, Daimler is also a leader in Blue Tec technology, a process that makes diesel fuel burn more cleanly.

Intel Corp
Santa Clara, CA

Intel might be best known as the maker of Pentium Processors but the company is also heavily involved in the solar trade. In fact, Intel's solar business is doing so well that in June of 2008 they announced plans to spin it off into a separate company called SpectraWatt.

Reading, Pennsylvania

EnerSys is a manufacturer of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the type of battery used to power hybrid electric cars. In addition the company won a contract to provide batteries for submarines.

Apogee Enterprises-
Minneapolis, MN

Apogee Enterprises creates a laminate for energy efficient glass. Called CrystalGray this special glass can reduce utility bills up to 30 percent.

Canadian Solar
Suzhou, China

Canadian Solar, which is incorporated in Canada but conducts all manufacturing in China, makes solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. In July 2008 they struck a deal with Conergy to provide modules for photovoltaic systems.

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