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Picking Stocks Above the Chaos

Andrew Fisher

Mary Jane Matts says it's essential to separate companies and stocks from today's market turbulence -- to find accurate values for them.

"I would look away from the financials, but just because the financials are so difficult to value doesn't mean that traditional fundamental techniques cannot work outside of that sector to find good investments," the manager of the four-star Fifth Third All Cap Value Fund told CNBC.


So who makes her list?

"In the health-care sector, we'd point to Schering Plough," she said. "It's a stock that's somewhat unique in that they have very little in the way of patent exposure, and are not facing the same cliff that the rest of the pharmaceuticals are."

Matts also likes XTO Energy in the energy exploration and production space.

"(It's) a company that's an extremely low-cost producer, again, back to the real economy, where we think the long-term, secular trends in energy are going to be supportive of improving returns here," she said.


Disclosure information for Mary Jane Matts was not immediately available.