Wednesday's Viewer Favorite: Flying Wish Paper

By Julia Lambie
Creator, Flying Wish Paper

I love Donny.  And not just because I was on the show or because Flying Wish Paper™ was selected as Viewers’ Favorite. I’ve watched The Big Idea forever – even through the ‘Ted

Nugent’ years – and have taken many points of inspiration and direction from Donny and his guests. 

So first…thank you, Donny.  And thanks to your staff, who were all exceedingly friendly and helpful throughout this whirlwind.

And a whirlwind it was!  I barely had time to get my hair colored, much less focus on the pitch.  Let me just say that a 30-second elevator pitch is much, much shorter than you realize when trying to describe a BIG IDEA.  That is one fast elevator! Certainly not enough time to tell you all about my product, so let me elaborate here.

I created Flying Wish Paper™ as a new party activity because I love the holidays - and heaven knows I love a party - but I get tired of doing the same thing year after year. How many white elephant gift exchanges can you do at Christmas?  It’s time to bring something new to the party, and this is it.

Birthdays, holidays, weddings…anything from a prayer meeting to a bachelorette party, or even a private moment alone.

My family used Flying Wish Paper™ at Thanksgiving last year as we gathered around the table.  Instead of a wish, we each wrote down something we were thankful for, lit our papers and watched as they all flew up into the sky together. It was absolutely beautiful. There wasn’t a dry eye at the table.

Flying Wish Paper™ is a Wishing KIT, including 50 sheets of Flying Wish Paper™, 25 Wish Platforms™, 5 small Wish Pencils, detailed instructions and matches.

Just write your wish on our special paper, shape it into a tube & light the top. Your wish burns down then dramatically rises into the sky.  Write it, light it, watch it fly!  It’s a brand new way to celebrate everything.

Flying Wish Paper™ is truly the first of its kind.  Seeing is believing, so I hope you will watch the video on my website @  You’ll notice that Flying Wish Paper™ self-extinguishes just before it flies -  so unless you’re afraid of candles like a couple of the panel judges (hello!) then you’ll recognize the safety of the product.

In fact, when I debuted Flying Wish Paper at the New York Stationery Show in May, I had to get my live demonstration approved by the New York Fire Department.  I was 100% approved for my live demo in what amounted to 675,000 square feet of paper products.  So, while the rules of the show wouldn’t allow me to stand on a foot ladder to hang my banner, I was allowed to light a thousand samples of Flying Wish Paper™ throughout the show.

Donny advises is to listen to your customers, and I always do what Donny says.  Based on feedback, I extended my product line to include Flying Prayer Paper™, Little Holiday Wishes™ (a mini pack that fits perfectly into a holiday stocking), and Best Wishes Party Favor™ (a mini kit that can be customized for your special event.)

Take a peek at the order page on my website.  Then order a bunch of stuff.   You will love Flying Wish Paper™ - there’s nothing else like it, and it’s my TWO million dollar idea!


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