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Results of the CNBC/LinkedIn Government Bailout Poll

More than half of the country wants the US Government to stop bailing out troubled companies, according to a CNBC/LinkedIn poll conducted yesterday.

According to the poll conducted on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, 54 percent of respondents said that bailout shoudl cease, compared to 34 percent in favor (the remaining 8 percent did not know). More than 2,300 Linkedin members took the poll.

Other noteworthy results:

  • Government involvement is viewed much more favorably by professionals outside of the US (11% difference compared to US professionals). Majority of US professionals (60%) do not want to see more tax money spent to bail out firms.
  • The industries in favor of government involvement, are those industries that have already been hit hard by the economic downturn: banking, automotive, airlines, real estate.
  • Professionals in finance are open to more government involvement than any other function (60%)

See the charts below for a complete breakdown:

Question: Should the Government Continue Bailouts?

Responses by Seniority

Responses by Company Size

Responses by Job Function

Responses by Gender

Responses by Age