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Warren Buffett Regains "America's Richest Billionaire" Title from Bill Gates

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in a 2003 file photo

Just weeks after losing his title of "America's Richest Billionaire," Warren Buffett is number one again.

Forbes Magazine is out with an update to its Forbes 400 list of the richest people in the United States.

Thanks to a 17 percent gain for Berkshire Hathaway shares during September, Buffett's estimated wealth increased by $8 billion to $58 billion. 

That puts him back above his good friend and bridge partner, Microsoft's Bill Gates, who lost about $1.5 billion last month, leaving him with an estimated fortune of $55.5 billion.

In the annual Forbes 400 ranking released in mid-September, Gates led Buffett by $57 billion to $50 billion.

That was itself a turnaround from last March, when Forbes released its annual list of the world's richest billionaires. That's when Buffett moved into the number one position: $62 billion vs Gates' $58 billion.

The most recent Forbes update, however, doesn't include October, which hasn't been good for either Berkshire or Microsoft (or anyone else, for that matter.)

Berkshire is on a four-session losing streak, closing today (Thursday) at $114,000.  It's down 17.7 percent over those four days and has lost 5.7 percent in October.

The stock is falling back toward its near-term low of $111,750 in late July.

Microsoft is down 16.4 percent this month.

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