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The opinion of Europe’s influential executives on the US government bailout is clear with nearly 40% feeling that the market should let bad banks fail, according to a recent CNBC poll. 25% welcome the European rescue plan and 27% endorse the BOE and ECB rate cuts.

In a separate CNBC poll asking whether European countries are doing the right thing guaranteeing bank deposits, 75% said that it would prevent a run on banks whilst 16% said that it puts shareholders at risk, not depositors.

The polls were conducted by CNBC to collect the opinions of the channel’s influential C-Suite executive audience.

Notes to the Editor:

Question: Are European countries doing the right thing guaranteeing bank deposits?*

75%: Yes, to prevent runs on banks

16%:  No, shareholders are at risk, not depositors

9.3%: They are if it's my money

*1,528 respondents

Question: What Would Help European Banks the Most?*

10%: The US $700 Billion Bailout Plan

25%: A European Rescue Plan

27%: The BOE and ECB Cutting Rates

37%: The Market Letting Bad Banks Fail

*422 responses

- ends -