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Vulnerable Jobs

Job seekers line up to interview with companies at the 4th Annual Asian Diversity Career Expo at New York's Madison Square Garden Friday May 6, 2005. Employers ramped up hiring in April, adding 274,000 jobs, enough to hold the nation's jobless rate at 5.2 percent. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

The weak economy has meant layoffs for many industries. But just how safe is your job? Take a look at these industries and workers, who are more vulnerable to layoffs than others. (Rankings are based on data from the US Labor Dept. and consulting firms, such as Challenger, Gray & Christmas.) 

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Employers in the housing industry, ranging from construction to development to mortgage lending to real estate sales, are experiencing widespread layoffs.

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The financial services sector which includes investment bankers, mortgage brokers, loan processors, stock traders, analysts and bank tellers has seen a number of layoffs due to subprime lending.


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Slideshow: 10 Recession-Proof Jobs