Poll: Voters Against Obama 'Wealth Redistribution' Plan

Washington, D.C. – Election Day is only two weeks away, and as John McCain and Barack Obama make their final pitches to “close the deal” with voters, a stunning new ATI-News/Zogby poll shows a clear majority of undecided voters disagree with Obama’s plan for wealth redistribution in America. 

Barack Obama
Mark Stahl

“The major issue on voters’ minds right now is the economy, and the major voting bloc on candidates’ minds right now is the undecided voter,” said ATI-News president Brad O’Leary.  “Our poll results show that undecided voters overwhelmingly reject Obama’s economic plan to redistribute wealth.”

The poll surveyed 1,214 likely voters nationwide and was conducted October 17-20.  It has a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points. 

ATI-News/Zogby asked likely voters:  “John McCain and other critics say Barack Obama is heavily influenced by people and organizations which seek social justice through redistribution of wealth in America.  Do you agree or disagree with efforts to bring social justice by the redistribution of wealth?”

By a more than two-to-one margin, undecided voters disagree with such efforts to redistribute wealth.  In total, 57 percent of undecided voters said they disagreed, while only 24 percent said they agreed (19 percent are not sure).

A majority (52 percent) of self-identified Independent voters also disagree with efforts to bring social justice through wealth redistribution.  Only 39 percent of Independents agree (10 percent are not sure).

“In his candid conversation with ‘Joe the plumber,’ Obama made clear that his main economic goal is to redistribute wealth, not strengthen and grow our economy,” said O’Leary.  “This is pure socialism, albeit thinly veiled, and it does not resonate with hard-working Americans who would rather keep their money than have Obama redistribute it to his favorite constituencies.”

O’Leary also noted that Obama’s tax welfare plan, coupled with his goal of raising barriers to free trade, “makes for a toxic mix that could drive America’s economy into a prolonged depression.”

“Obama isn’t the second coming of JFK,” said O’Leary, “He’s the reincarnation of Herbert Hoover.”