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Warren Buffett: What He Does Is "Simple But Not Easy"

Alice Schroeder, author of Bantam Dell's
Marion Ettlinger

The new authorized biography of Warren Buffett is a hit.  Alice Schroeder's The Snowballtops the New York Times best sellers listfor hardcover nonfiction.  It entered the list at number one three weeks ago and hasn't budged.

Due to CNBC's intense coverage of that crisis, the interview was not as long as it might have been in more 'normal' circumstances. 

So we asked Schroeder to speak with CNBC Managing Editor Tyler Mathisen for a more relaxed and expansive web-only video conversation.

In it, she and Tyler explore many of the themes in the book, most notably the disciplined and determined way Buffett has accumulated money and friendships over the years.  She talks about how what he does is "simple but not easy."

Schroeder also answers questions from Tyler, and from Warren Buffett Watch readers, including:

  • Is Buffett "cheap?"
  • Is he "remote?"
  • What kind of woman does he like?
  • What is his biggest fear?
  • What superpower would he most want to have?
  • How does he feel about all the media attention he gets?

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