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Travel That Wont Break the Bank

Travel That Won't Break the Bank

Who doesn’t need a vacation these days? But before you write it off as too much of a luxury, Carmen and New York Times Travel Columnist Michelle Higgins revealed the best ways to arrange a trip that won’t break your budget.

-Be flexible. If you tinker with the dates of your trip by just a day or two, especially during peak travel times, you can save up to $90.

-Package it. Go with all-inclusive package deals whenever you can. Hotels are more willing to offer deep discounts when prices are packaged so that competitors can’t see how much they’re slashing rates.

-Haggle. If you can’t get any wiggle room from a hotel or airline clerk, ask to speak to a manager. They’re the ones with more motivation to give you a deal, especially if you’re a repeat guest.

-Use the web. Higgins’ favorites sites are: Lists unsold hotel and flight inventory. Find deals from up to three weeks out.

: Posts the 20 best deals daily from around the web and tests them to make sure you can book them and discloses the restrictions.

: Find flight deals from your home airport

Also, Higgins noted, you can currently find the best deals in the Caribbean, Florida and Las Vegas. Flights may still be expensive because of cutbacks, but the hotel rates being offered more than make up for it.