Get Rich Quick? Not So Fast

Buyer Beware

With a recession come those trying to benefit from it. Ads targeting cash-strapped consumers are everywhere these days, promoting all kinds of new ways to make money by taking advantage of your insecurities in these troubled times.

Consumerist’s Ben Popken went inside a popular workshop that offers ways to make a quick buck off real estate. As he found out, “buyer beware.” (Watch the video to see Ben’s full report from behind closed doors.)

To make sure you steer clear from these shady programs, watch out for any workshop or class that asks for large fees up front, Popken said. Remember that these people aren’t looking for investment partners. “They’re looking for suckers.” Also, while they might guarantee your money back, be careful. Sometimes it takes a formal complaint with the state attorney general for these guys to cough up the cash you gave them.

The get-rich-quick scheme just doesn’t exist. As Carmen said, any program that preys on your fear or desperation is not something you want to be a part of.