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Web Extra: Unconventional Holiday Savings Tips


It’s Friday, and you know what that means – our countdown to Black Friday continues.

OTM Web Extra

My goal is to get you to make it through the holidays without pulling out the plastic. To help with making it a truly credit-free holiday season, here’s a pair of somewhat unconventional ways to save money:

The first one is kind of sneaky and will help the money add up quickly: Every night when you get home before heading to bed open up your wallet. Whatever is your highest bill take out and put away in an envelope until our countdown is over. If you pull out 5's every night, that’s 70 extra bucks you have towards your shopping this year! And no cheating by only keeping singles in your wallet!

The second one is all about raising extra cash in time for the holidays. Even though many retailers are cutting back due to lower sales, many big retailers are still hiring hourly employees for the Thanksgiving and December holidays. The key is to start your search quick and be very proactive about following up - for more tips and to find an hourly gig near you, head to . Not only can you earn some extra cash - you get access to employee discounts.

Now if you have any crazy ways that you save money, I want to hear them. You can also post your tips in our Forums. Can’t wait to hear them!