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For those looking to spread a little green this holiday season, there's a lot to choose from. We queried green experts and lovers alike, and came up with ten items that fit a variety of circumstances, from grab bag treats to under-the-tree stand outs.

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Vers 1.5R

Image: Vers Audio


Even an iPod clock-radio can be green. Vers Audio's is made with bamboo, and uses very few plastic parts. The Vers 1.5R is also packaged in 100% recycled materials.

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"Aloe Vera" Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser

Image: Kiehl's


This body cleanser, from Kiehl’s, is biodegradable, as is the bottle, which is made from recycled plastic. All the profits are donated to JPF Eco Systems, a charitable partnership established by Kiehl’s and actor Brad Pitt, which benefits environmental initiatives.

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Philips Eco TV


Owning a green television might sound like an oxymoron, but this 42-inch flat LCD TV works to be energy-efficient. It has sensors to dim the glow from the screen when the lights in the room are off, uses less energy when its in standby mode and is packaged in 100% recycled materials.

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Rock 33 Tumblers

Image: Green Glass


Instead of ending up in a landfill, Green Glass turns regular glass bottles into tumblers. Here, four bottles of Rolling Rock Beer were transformed into 100% recycled glasses.

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Bedol Water Powered Clock

Image: Bedol


No batteries and no outlets needed. This alarm clock is powered by tap water, a bit of salt and a splash of lemon juice.

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Eco-Friendly Wooden Doll House

Image: Smart Gear


If there’s a little girl on your list, try this toy house by Smart Gear. Kids will get an early eco-friendly lesson with this house that comes with a tiny recycling bin, a bicycle instead of a car and a solar panel and wind turbine on the roof.

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I Am Not A Paper Cup

Image: DCI


Eco-conscious caffeine addicts can still look the part without using wasteful paper cups with this porcelain reusable mug by DCI.

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Method Gift Bundle

Image: Method


This package of goodies makes a good green starting kit. It comes with three soy candles (which burn cleaner and longer than wax), a potpourri ornament (made with compostable scented wood beads), a bamboo aroma ring, hand wash (that’s biodegradable), and a reusable foldable shopping bag for supermarket shopping trips.

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USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

Image: USBCell


These batteries charge when they are plugged into a computer’s USB port. No stand-alone charger is needed, saving electricity and the need to buy new ones.

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Solio Charger

Image: Solio


Outdoor lovers will enjoy this foldable solar charger that can power gadgets like cell phones, BlackBerrys and iPods wherever there’s sun.

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