Two-Way Street

Trump Magic: Why I Like The Donald

Allen Wastler

"Trump" in a headline pulls in more traffic than the average news headline. That's something I've gleaned over the years of watching Internet traffic in and out of various business news pages.

It makes some folks gnash their teeth. These are folks who don't like the real estate mogul. And there are a significant number of those people. In their mind The Donald is an over-rated, over-hyped casino man who happens to have a knack for media.

Of course, a lot more folks, judging from the clicks Trump stories get, must think there is something behind the flash. He is rich, afterall. And he does live quite the life.

I try not to have an opinion one way or the other. I just know this story ... Trump: Rescue Big 3, But Put Them in Chapter 11 ... is getting a lot of traffic today.

So "Trump" is okay by me.