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Stock Picker:  Building On Infrastructure Plays

Andrew Fisher

There's been a lot of talk about infrastructure plays in the stock market, with President-elect Barack Obama's campaign pledge for a build-out.  The new President takes office in less than three weeks, and chief investment officer Randy Bateman of Huntington Funds has some infrastructure investment ideas you may not have considered.

"We think this is the one thing that will have some legs, because not only is infrastructure build going to take place in the United States, but we also still have the growth of the middle class in India and China that's going to create an infrastructure demand," he told CNBC.


His top pick is railroad-car builder Trinity Industries.

"They're also in cement manufacturing, they're in highway safety materials, and they're going to benefit in the transportation of these goods and materials," he explained.  "At the same time, it's an awfully cheap stock."

In the infrastructure space, Bateman also likes Jacobs Engineering Group and Flowserve.


Disclosure information for Randy Bateman was not immediately available.