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Stock Picker: Playing Wireless in China

Andrew Fisher

Think of infrastructure, and you probably think about bridges and highways, but Jeff Markunas of the RidgeWorth Large Cap Core Equity Fund will remind you that wireless is also infrastructure, and China is involved in a big wireless build-out.

"China finally started releasing their licenses last week," Markunas told CNBC.  "That will be a big opportunity over time."

So how does an American stock-market investor play wireless in China?


"One of the names that we think can benefit in that area in the U.S. and globally is Qualcomm ," he said.  "They've got the technology patents for the CDMA licensing, and the royalty payments they receive off that give them a lot of runway, so they seem very well positioned to us."

Beyond infrastructure, Markunas also likes Kraft Foods and Accenture .

"I don't think (Accenture has) gotten credit for the resiliency of their business model," he said.  "They're still looking to have up revenues and earnings in 2009, which may prove to be unusual in the environment that we're looking forward into."

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