Don't Avoid Equities


Following a turbulent 2008, investors are entering 2009 with caution and looking at ways to protect their capital.

Daphne Roth, head of equity research, Asia at ABN AMRO Private Banking said that while she is underweight equities, investors should not avoid stocks entirely.

"We do caution investors to avoid underexposure in the equity space because when that sentiment recovers, it will happen very fast," Roth said on CNBC's Protect Your Wealth.

Decent Returns Can Still Be Found

She recommends investors start looking at attractive, deep value and high-quality stocks as such cash-rich companies will be able to take advantage of government fiscal and monetary stimulus drives.

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In Asia, she is upbeat on South Korea's KT&G, as well as Singapore Press Holdings. "They have always maintained quite a good track record at maintaining the dividend payout, even during the recession years," Roth said about the two stocks. She is also bullish on Nintendo and China Mobile.

Roth added that her bank sees a lot of value, or bargains, in the high-grade corporate bond space. She said inflation linked-bonds are also starting to look attractive as inflation bottoms out.

But when it comes to commodities, Roth isn't convinced they are safe-haven investments.

"We are still underweight commodities," she said. "We have been so since June of last year. It did not turn out to know, the safe haven as everyone believed."

She warned that as long as the U.S. dollar continues to be stable, it will be very difficult for the commodities space to pick up.

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