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Market Tips: Dollar Faces Big Bear, $1.60 Vs. Euro

Despite the dollar's two-day rally against the euro and the yen, experts tell CNBC the greenback's positive run may be over shortly, as a fast recovery in the U.S. economy seems more unlikely.

Bearish for the Long-Term on the Dollar

The dollar may slip into a multi-year bear trend this year, much like what happened in 2002 to 2005, says Callum Henderson, head of FX strategy at Standard Chartered. He tells CNBC that this may last through to 2011.

Dollar's Outlook is Dire

The U.S. economy may be the last to recover from the recession, says Clifford Bennett, chief economist of Kinetic Securities. As such, he tells CNBC the euro-dollar may retest highs of $1.60 as early as June.

Stimulus to Strengthen Greenback?

Euan McCreadie, senior corporate dealer at OzForex, believes U.S. president-elect Obama's stimulus plan will strengthen the dollar in the short-term. He speaks to CNBC about its likelihood of success.

Hot on Aussie-Euro for '09

Buy the Aussie dollar-euro cross at around the $0.50 mark, suggests John Kyriakopoulos, head of currency strategy at the National Australia Bank.

Oil Prices to Soar in '09

As socio-political and OPEC regulatory concerns affect output, oil prices are expected to rise in 2009 and beyond, according to David Johnson, head of Asia oil & gas at Macquarie Securities.

EM Stocks are Close to the Bottom

Stocks in emerging markets are close to the bottom, believes Arjuna Mahendran, MD & head of investment strategy, Asia at HSBC Private Bank. He gives his take on when these markets will recover.

Good Time to Buy Asian Stocks

Now may be a good time to buy Asian stocks to take advantage of the upcoming bear market rally in the U.S., says Hans Goetti, CIO at LGT Bank in Liechtenstein. He explains his investment rationale.

Chinese Stocks Look Cheap

Chinese stocks look cheap for the first time in 5 years as Erwin Sanft, head of China & HK research at BNP Paribas Securities thinks the market has largely priced in China's downturn.

Greater China IPO Market May Pick Up in '09

Richard Sun, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers expects the IPO market in Hong Kong and mainland China to pick up in the second-half of this year.

Road Ahead of Japanese Automakers

Although Tatsuya Mizuno, director of corporates at Fitch Ratings expects the auto sector to remain weak for another 2 to 3 years, he believes Japanese automakers will be able to maintain a relatively strong position.