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Time to Sell Eaton?

Eaton is up 27% since Cramer’s mid-November call on the stock, which is interesting because this isn’t exactly your classic recession play. Eaton’s an industrial company that deals in electrical and fluid-power systems, auto transmissions and drivetrains for trucks. So Eaton is either more recession proof than we thought, or that recession is winding down sooner than expected.

Cramer had recommended the stock for its accidentally high yield of 4.8% at the time. Dividends, after all, offer protection in a declining market. But the surge in share price has brought that figure down to 3.8% now. So he’s wondering if it’s time to take profits on Eaton .

With business booming, though, this stock might work as more than just a defense play. Maybe there’s money to be made on the sector rotation taking place into early-cycle names like Eaton. To get answers, Cramer went to CEO Sandy Cutler. Watch this video for the chief executive’s take on when the manufacturing market will turn up, key changes his company has made to help it survive a recession, whether or not that dividend is safe and more.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Eaton.

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