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Warren Buffett "Loves Beef" ... Signs Boots for Charity


A pair of cowboy boots autographed by Warren Buffett will be sold at a charity auction late this spring.

Buffett, who really likes a good steak dinner, also wrote "I love beef" on the boots.

They'll be sold at the 2009 Cattlemen's Ball of Nebraska in Doniphan on June 6.  The event was established to "promote beef in a healthy diet, to showcase rural Nebraska and to raise money for health care research."

Each year, it features a "Famous Boot Auction" to "Give Cancer the Boot!" 

The Buffett boots were donated by Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Justin Boots of Ft. Worth, Texas.

The bidding is not online, so we won't have any word on the going price for Buffett boots until they are actually sold.

Also on the block: "Git 'R Done" boots from "Nebraska's most famous comedian, Larry the Cable Guy."

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