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Time to Go Bottom-Fishing in the US: Portfolio Manager

As U.S. stocks have been beaten down of late, John Carey, executive VP & portfolio manager at Pioneer Investments is bottom-fishing for strong companies in the materials, energy and cyclical sectors.

He is focused on companies with strong balance sheets.

Good US Stocks to Hold

"The interesting thing about the market today is you don't have to go down the quality scale to find some interesting purchase candidates," he told CNBC.

"The good companies and bad companies alike are very cheap stock-price wise right now."

Carey suggests investing long term in retailers like Walgreen and Target , as they "are selling at very interesting prices," while Caterpillar and Deere are attractive long-term purchases in the machinery sector.

He also likes the materials, health care and consumer discretionary sectors.

Carey is avoiding Citigroup , as he is 'underweight' on the financial sector.