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Market Tips: Oil Could Fall to $34, Silver Shines

Investors struggled to keep a year-end stocks rally going, battered by worries about the state of the global economy and uncertainty about the impact of numerous government rescue plans.

Experts interviewed on CNBC see the U.S. stock market stabilizing this time next year and tell you how to invest until then.

When Will the US Market Stabilize?

There is a possibility that the U.S. market might be able to stabilize in the first-quarter of 2010, says Bill Smith, CEO of SAM Advisors.

Oil Prices May Slide to $34

Oil prices could fall as low as $34 a barrel if the U.S. inventories show a larger-than-expected build on Wednesday, says Akhi Kamkolkar, head of futures at Halifax Investments.

Stocks to Rebound Briefly, then Fall Again

Stocks to Rebound Briefly then Fall Again

Global stocks could rebound by 25% but earnings could drop by 21%, according to Ian Scott from Nomura. He sees earnings rebounding in 2010.

"We haven't hit the lows in equity markets," Khuram Chaudhry from Merrill Lynch said, adding that stocks could bounce 20-30% in the second quarter but will end the year in the red.

Chaudhry advises investors to remain defensive but to start looking at the consumer discretionary, media, retailers and beaten-up financials. But be selective, he warns.

Scott agrees, adding that he is overweight on insurers and thinks there are opportunities in emerging markets.

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Shimmering Returns for Silver

Silver looks attractive to Graham Bibby, managing director at Richmond Asset Management, as he believes it is slightly undervalued. He explains his investment rationale for this precious metal, as well as gold.

Buy Property Stocks Over Physical Property

Investors would be better off buying property stocks rather than buying physical property at this juncture, says Terence Khoo, Asian fund manager at Sofaer Capital. He explains why in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Consolidation as Theme in Banking Sector

Industry consolidation will remain a key theme in the banking sector in 2009, says Alistair Scarff, regional banking analyst at Merrill Lynch. He offers his views on Asian banks.

Bullish on Asian Local Currency Bonds

Danny Suwanapruti, fixed income strategist at Standard Chartered is generally bullish on Asian local currency bonds throughout 2009. He tells CNBC what contributed to his upbeat outlook.

Overweight on India, Underweight on China

Macquarie Securities is overweight on India but underweight on China and Hong Kong. Daniel McCormack, equity strategist at Macquarie Securities tells CNBC why.

Bullish on Golden Agri & Noble Group

Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, equities analyst at ABN Amro Securities (RBS) is bullish on commodity plays -- Golden Agri and Noble Group, despite both stocks logging in sharp losses yesterday.