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Stock Picker: Buy These Before the Turn

Andrew Fisher

There's no getting around it: There's scarce evidence that the economy is getting any better. Time to stay out of the market?  Not at all, according to Dan Fitzpatrick, president of Stockmarket Mentor.

But he advises caution: "Every headline, every little soundbite, has the word 'hope' in it," he told CNBC. "Hope is a great emotion, but it's not a real investment strategy."

Fitzpatrick says government and industry are doing all the right things, but it will take time for that to be reflected in stock prices. 

"The market's not really anticipating all of these mustard seeds coming to fruition," he said.


While the market waits to rally, he has some unexpected recommendations.

"I like Oshkosh (Corp.)," he said.  "Specialty vehicles, part of the infrastructure trade, it's very nebulous, but Oshkosh, Paccar, both of those are great stocks."

(Watch the video to see full Fitzpatrick interview.)


Disclosure information for Dan Fitzpatrick was not immediately available.