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Super Bowl Ticket Prices Falling 


Prices for Super Bowl tickets are falling.

LiveStub, a secondary ticket site that doesn't charge commissions for tickets it sells, says the average selling price is $2,278 per seat. eBay's StubHub has the average this morning at $2,790 per seat.

Considering the average price on StubHub for the last three Super Bowls has been over $3,000 (2008: $3,536, 2007: $4,004, 2006: $3,009), early indications are that it will be a bargain if you can get a ticket to Tampa.

But that could be deceptive based on what happens this weekend. The thinking in the secondary market is that an Eagles-Steelers (all Pennsylvania Super Bowl) could lead to the most expensive ticket ever, while a Ravens-Cardinals matchup could produce the cheapest ticket since the Patriots played the Rams in 2002, when I bought a ticket for $100.

For anyone considering buying tickets, here's an article I wrote on Super Bowl ticket myths.

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