Options Action

Bigger Than Man Landing On The Moon (Well, Kind Of)


Tonight marks the television event of the season.

That's right my friends, the premiere of "Options Action," the first and only cable show devoted entirely to options.

Options Action Preview

Not since man landed on the moon has a nation been so captivated by a single broadcast.

Okay, that might be overstating the case, but the fact remains, in a time of unimaginable volatility, options can be one of your best tools for preventing losses, and perhaps even, make some gains.

And with that, let me give you a hint of what is to come tonight.

If you have ever bought, or even thought about buying beaten tech names like Apple or Google , you will not want to miss tonight's show. Both Apple, Google and Microsoft report earnings next week.

We will look past the analyst rhetoric to see what option prices are implying for those stocks. And of course, we will cover the other big stories of the week, the financials and oil.

There are some other big stories on the rundown, but you'll have to tune in for those.

So grab the popcorn, get a spot on the couch, and get ready for a great time.