Two-Way Street

History, Cool Segments and Competitors


I love history. It's like journalism, just older.

There was a really good history segment on Squawk Box this morning: Depression-era stocks that ended up doing really well over the next couple of decades. Few of those stocks exist in pure form these days.


Electric Boat (a submarine maker now part of General Dynamics )

Zenith (radio, then TV, now part of LG Group)

American-Hawaiian Steamship (now no more)

Depression Stocks

Very cool segment. You can watch the whole thing in the video.

One problem. It was based on an article by one of our competitiors,

This awkward situation happens a lot. Our TV brethern, in their quest to provide the best programming available, often bring in writers and editors from various publications and Web sites to talk about their work or current events.

But these other Web sites and to a certain extent text operations are's competitors. Now we strive to put the best of what our network offers, plus our own original reports and features, on the Web site. But does that mean giving our competition a boost?

There are various ways of looking at this. And I always try to look at it from the reader's point of view. What's best for them? Me keeping the competition off the site, or letting readers know about some cool stuff?

Here's the link to SmartMoney's story ... and I guess my answer.