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Stock Picker: Diversity is the Key

Wouter Weijand from Fortis Investors recommended three stocks in three different parts of the world -- stocks he sees as strong picks for investors: The Netherlands' Koninklijke DSM, Australia's Toll Holdings, and the US's Boardwalk Pipeline Partners. All three companies have been fairly beaten up in the past year but still have high yields.

Koninklijke DSM had been recognized as a cyclical chemical company, but he says it has in a sense "reinvested" itself, with more than half its earnings coming from healthcare, food, and special materials.

Stock Picker: Diversity is the Key

Even though DSM, the world's biggest vitamin producer, cut 1,000 jobs in December, Weijand believes they are currently "very cheap, trading at seven or eight times their earnings, which is 10-15 percent lower than their 2007 peak."

DSM shares are down just under 35 percent in the past year, but continue to have a 6.5 percent dividend. "They are fairly defensively positioned, providing a nice entry point for investors," adds Weijand.

Toll Holdings is Australia's largest freight hauler. Regardless of being down over 40 percent in 2008, it is still the "top company in the area," he says. Toll Holdings is involved in logistics, rail freight, and does major transporting for retailers. The company's stock has a 6 percent yield and in Weijand's opinion, is trading at 10-11 times its earnings.

The US's Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is a natural gas transporter and storage company. It currently has a 9.1 percent yield, despite a 31.72 percent drop in share price in the past year.

In addition to having inflation protection, BWP likes working in long-term contracts and is planning on continuing to expand their business. Weijand believes that this stock should be trading at a minimum price of $23.