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Super Bowl XLIII Marketing Spotlight: Larry Fitzgerald


If there’s one guy who can benefit the most from of this Super Bowl, it’s Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

He’s emerging as the league’s best receiver, but only has three deals in Nike , EAS and Alltel .

Arizona isn’t exactly considered the hotbed for marketing opportunities, but Paul Lawrence of Maximum Sports, who represents Fitzgerald with Eugene Parker, says “winning certainly changes the game.”

Lawrence said that, despite the tough economy, the calls have been coming in since the Cardinals punched their ticket to the Super Bowl, with Fitzgerald scoring three touchdowns in the first half against the Eagles and eventually breaking Jerry Rice’s record for the most receiving yards in a postseason.

“Right now companies want to be associated with winners and Larry is a winner,” Lawrence said. “It’s not that companies don’t want to spend, they don’t want to forge bad relationships. Given Larry’s off-the-field character, there’s a very low risk of associating with him and obviously a high reward.”

Lawrence says that if companies come to Fitzgerald and don’t offer him top dollar, citing the economic environment, Lawrence said Fitzgerald is willing to wait.

“The economics of a deal have to be fair,” Lawrence said. “We’re not trying to break the bank, but we’re not going to give Larry away, either.”

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